RheinMaaster - a game for explorers of the Lower Rhine

What is your homeland like? - What's special in your region? - Where does the History your quarter? - What questions do you have on your doorstep about culture, nature, buildings, names?

Raise this treasure together with other players and become "Rheinmaaster".
Share questions and knowledge through pictures, texts and audios! Link places and information, show the culture and history of your region.

Become the leading expert in the categories:

Buildings + Technology
Buildings, squares, places, monuments, architecture, industrial buildings, monuments, mining, ...
Landscape + Plants
trees, landmarks, waters, geological features, cultural landscapes, ...
People + Culture
religious and secular festivals, traditions, customs, linguistic expressions, ...
Industry + Traffic
Innovation, mass production, progress, movement, transport, production, globalization ...
Agriculture + Cattle
Food, Animal Husbandry, Breeding, Animal Welfare, Fields, Farms, Rural Life, ...
Art + Crafts
Sculptures, paintings, custom-made, graffitti, design, ...

A look in the app

Log in and collect interesting questions about places and get experience points. Get up and become a specialist!

The Game

To discover is the Region of the Lower Rhine, the area between Rhine and Maas in its eventful history between Holland and Germany, of religious and linguistic borders and many similarities.

RheinMaaster's unique gameplay combines online and offline worlds. It is a cooperation game in which players support each other and share interests. It is important to discover and describe places of history, culture or tradition.

Related places can be linked in content. Similarities and relationships appear as references.

As a group, projects of history and home exploration become joint missions.

Go out and discover!

With this game you will take a step into another country. This land that is hidden under the present, which flashes here and there and tells of history and culture. Storys of inventions, of tradition and of art that characterize your presence.

Find relations

Globalisation has always been: inventions spread, traditions migrated with people and left their traces. You can link these traces and thus trace the lives of previous generations.

Found your own group

Common hobby, area of ​​interest or school project: Together, you roam through your area and collect information. Take advantage of group-power!

Discover and explain the region

Find the traces of culture and history. Ask questions about objects you see.

Get on and become an expert

Good questions and good answers - that will be rewarded. With medals and with ranks. Your teammates value you as an expert!

Show your knowledge

Answer questions from other players and show yourself as an expert. Explore connections between objects and associate them with knowledge from other sources.

Rate the contributions of others

Top answer? Or fake? You decide what valuable contributions are and motivate your fellow players with your rating.

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